The first step is to look at the website and determine whether or not I can do SEO. Websites are built in different ways and industries vary in competitiveness. Older websites and template builder websites are difficult to optimize.

I do SEO based on the need of the website. I focus on issues in order of importance. When finished I will provide a summary of changes and suggestions moving forward. It takes about a month for changes to reflect in search engines. Based on results you can decide if you want to continue SEO on a monthly basis.

I focus first on technical and structural issues, then content and usability. After the website itself is optimized (on-page SEO) then I focus on business listings, social media, and blog marketing (off-page SEO).

I provide an incremental approach to SEO. The idea is to continue based on improvement. I offer honesty and transparency with my work. My own website ranks well, my client websites rank well, and all my reviews are positive. Clients can be contacted for reference.

If you want to learn more about SEO in general I provide consultation for $50 an hour.